A Room for London by David Kohn and Fiona Banner

Holiday is here and there are plenty of magical places to choose from. To make our time really unusual why not to stay in a boat…..but the one that is at the top of the roof in the central part of London. A Room for London by David Kohn and Fiona Banner is definitely very unique, located at the edge of The Queen Elizabeth Hall. The one bedroom place has for sure an amazing view to the River Thames, St.Paul’s Cathedral or Big Ben. Inside, the boat is beautifully designed with all the comforts for the guests.

This rooftop installation project was a winner in ‘the design competition, which attracted 500 entries from around the world(…)The brief was to create a room on one of the most visible sites in the British capital, where up to two people at a time could spend a unique night in an exemplary architectural landmark’.

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