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Picnic gear on your bike: Springtime by bloondesign

If you haven’t noticed that it’s officially Summer now, don’t blame yourself. Although The God of Weather is apparently kidding with us, so far there were a couple days when he left hints of the sparkling sunshine. And what everybody does when the temperature reaches 20 degree? Go and conquer The Green in every possible form: take a stroll on countryside meadow, have a cycle tour at the river coast or organize a picnic in the city park.

Jeriel Bobbe must have been the same idea on his mind, as he designed Springtime, but with a small twist: he wanted to combine a bicycle with a picnic kit. Have a look at the pictures below and see how brilliantly his idea succeed.


The masterpiece by bloondesign can be identified as a 3-in-1 picnic gear: a portable box will all the necessary equipments (cutleries, cups and plates), which can be transfered to a mini table and chair as well.


At first Springtime looks like all the other, conventional coolers, which everybody has at home, but if we had a chance to have a closer look, slowly-slowly we can ‘unwrap’ the interior elements.




Springtime now is ready for public purchase, sales will start this Summer for appr. $399.




Everything for Steak Lovers

Table Accesories

The 20 Best Fandom T-Shirt Design

The 20 Best Fandom T-Shirt Design

After Game of Thrones record-breaking season premier last Sunday, we devoted our attention to the world of TV series…of course, from the point of design. That’s the way how we ended up with T-Shirt design, but not the usual ‘I love South Park’ way.From the endless quotes and memes, which are circulating on the web, we tried to choose the most thoughtful ones, so we can invite you for a game…

Try to find out which graphic or quote belongs to which series. All comments are welcomed.

Have fun 🙂

All T-Shirts are available around £15-£20 on and would look like this:



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Classic Easter Table Set – with a twist

Easter is at your door, Dear Blog Readers…to be more specific, we have only one day left to finalize preparations around the house.

If you had at least

  • one bunny decoration hanging on the front door ✔
  • colorful bunch of flowers placed to brighten up rooms ✔
  • a small basket of painted eggs ready to be hidden at the garden ✔
  • marinated ham prepared in the fridge ✔

Yes, You are ready! … You can sit back, relax and focus on the last task of the things-to-do list: plan the Easter table setting.

MUST VIEW: Lovely Easter Outfits or Top Ideas to Accessorize Your Table Decor

On our minds, Easter is one of the classy, traditional holidays, so as a DTT recommendation, this time we chose an elegant, white-and-blue dining set to amaze family on Sunday. White-and-blue, but not the predictable way at all…thanks to the imaginative, colorful details, which bring playfulness to the layout.



Starting with basics, that’s how the decoration has been built up.

Small lace tablecloth with a simple, leaf-bordered dinner plate


Salad plate, with different, but matching deco


And a small bowl with a hidden bunny inside


Completed with a color-coordinated napkin and a classy napkin ring


That’s what we get as a result…


Our personal favorite is this lantern, with eggs around…Makes the atmosphere intimate, but still playful


Finally, if the weather didn’t, fresh-cut flowers can remind us that it’s Spring after all




Special thanks for the pictures to Kathe with an E


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Lovely Easter outfits for children

Lovely Easter outfits for children


While every blog and website is giving us advice how to decorate our home for Easter or how to set the table perfectly, on our mind there was something different . If the fact is disregarded, that Easter was originally a religious holiday, we can confess, that nowadays it is all about children. Of course, everything what we do – from hanging paper bunnies to seek perfect hiding places for the eggs – we’re doing for them, but there is always more space for another ideas.

We’re sure, every kiddie would be over the moon to be dressed like a bunny all day long or wearing the painted egg on the shirt, so that’s the reason, why we did a ‘research’ on the web and collected the cutest outfits for them.

Sorry in advance, too much cuteness 🙂

TOP gift ideas for Mother’s Day

TOP gift ideas for Mother’s Day

No matter when you’re celebrating your Mom: this weekend, on the first Sunday of May, or whenever it comes to your mind, it’s always a good idea to treat Her. If you’re planning to surprise with something different than a necklace or a pamper gift box this time, how about opening our Ideas Gallery for some guidance?


mothers day8


All the lovely ideas from 

Bon Voyage Travel Bag Set by Disaster Designs

Bon Voyage Travel Bag Set by Disaster Designs

Are we the only one who is feeling the urge for travelling every time when the first hints of spring arrive?

We don’t think so.

As the temperature is rising, it’s the time to plan the runaway weekends or the sightseeing 3-days in Europe’s hidden gems. Let us help you travelling stylish, which is quite easy with this travel set of Disaster Designs. The 3 pieces of handbag, wallet and purse share the similar design, including lovely postcards, maps, stamps, memories from the journey.


The 37 x 26 x12 cm overnight bag has multiple pockets inside, separately for your valuables and mobile phone. With the adjustable strap you can also carry it on your shoulder.


The travel wallet is like a stylish organiser for your documents and card, which you need for the journey.


And at last , but not the least, a small holder for coins and banknotes.



Simply Summer

Top Selection of Clocks

Unique Home Design Images for Inspiration

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‘Ok, glass, record a video’ : The world through Google Glass

‘Ok, glass, record a video’ : The world through Google Glass


We hope everybody has heard about one of the TOP product concepts of 2012, Project Glass by Google. If not, it’s time to be familiarized with the idea of a ‘smart glass’, which is expected to be a smash hit for the end of this year.




Google seems to be in the final phase of developing a brand new, augmented reality-based glass, which is thought to add as much interaction as we can to the reality, which we see through the glass.

To be more specific, just imagine, walking down Baker street in London while wearing the glass, which would be able to show you astounding information about Sherlock Holmes, than taking a picture of 221B without using your hands and uploading to Facebook at the same time. And yes, that’s the whole point…the way how we can command the device is revolutionary. Shake your head to refuse a call or instruct the Glass with words to record a video, starting with the magic ones, ‘Ok, glass…’

Or do like this:


Or be informed like that:

google-glass-bridge information

According to a video, recently released by Google, it’s not just the content, why we’re going to love this product. Although the current design is not the final one (the company is in talk with an online glass store, Warby Parker to improve the look), it can already be declared, that the slimmer frame with a hardly noticeable, built-in camera follows the lead of a stylish eyewear.

Actually, the whole idea is something, we can’t describe with words, so ladies and gentlemen….‘How it feels’

Google Glass will be available at the end of 2013 under $1500.

Brand new Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TVs

Forget HD, 4K is the future:

brand new Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TVs

The world’s most eagerly waited International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just recently closed its gates in Las Vegas, and as it does every time, it highlighted the newest technical gadgets this year as well. According to the exhibitors, it’s time to say good-bye to HD in 2013, and get used to the idea of 4K (or officially ultra high definition) with 3840­*2160 pixel resolution, which is actually four times more than full HD has.

Sony belongs to the pioneers, who integrated 4K in televison production and just launched the newest apple of their eyes at CES, Sony XBR-84X900 4K Ultra HD TV. Have a look at the pictures below and pop into a Sony shop next time, to experience the wonder of 4K on your skin. The 84” screen means a massive size, with the stunning picture quality, which you have never seen before, you feel like you’re participating in the program in reality and with the front-facing, 2-way, 10-Unit speaker system, which stimulates 5.1 sound, everyone in the room can enjoy Sony experience.

Forget 3D, step to the next level: to the level of 4K…

Sony XBR-84X900 4K Ultra HD TV is available at Sony stores, from $24.999.


Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TV


Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TV


Sony XBR 4K Ultra HD TV




4K picture quality

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for Ipad

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for Ipad

If you’re a happy and satisfied Ipad-owner, but one hidden part of your heart is still missing the good-old sound of the keyboard, we have the TOP solution for you. Be familiarized with this tiny device, which projects laser on any flat surface, imitating a full, 63-key QWERTY keyboard. Just set up your Ipad or Iphone in front of you, switch on this machine, synchronize them via Bluetooth and let the fun begin…The rechargeable battery allows you 150 minutes of continuous writing, while the virtual keyboard itself is compatible with various devices, starting with iPhone 3GS/4, iPad (iOS4), Blackberry tablet, Android 2.0 and higher, or either Windows Phone 7.

Celluon Magic Cube Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard and Mouse is available on Amazon.


Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard


Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard


Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard