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Classic Easter Table Set – with a twist

Easter is at your door, Dear Blog Readers…to be more specific, we have only one day left to finalize preparations around the house.

If you had at least

  • one bunny decoration hanging on the front door ✔
  • colorful bunch of flowers placed to brighten up rooms ✔
  • a small basket of painted eggs ready to be hidden at the garden ✔
  • marinated ham prepared in the fridge ✔

Yes, You are ready! … You can sit back, relax and focus on the last task of the things-to-do list: plan the Easter table setting.

MUST VIEW: Lovely Easter Outfits or Top Ideas to Accessorize Your Table Decor

On our minds, Easter is one of the classy, traditional holidays, so as a DTT recommendation, this time we chose an elegant, white-and-blue dining set to amaze family on Sunday. White-and-blue, but not the predictable way at all…thanks to the imaginative, colorful details, which bring playfulness to the layout.



Starting with basics, that’s how the decoration has been built up.

Small lace tablecloth with a simple, leaf-bordered dinner plate


Salad plate, with different, but matching deco


And a small bowl with a hidden bunny inside


Completed with a color-coordinated napkin and a classy napkin ring


That’s what we get as a result…


Our personal favorite is this lantern, with eggs around…Makes the atmosphere intimate, but still playful


Finally, if the weather didn’t, fresh-cut flowers can remind us that it’s Spring after all




Special thanks for the pictures to Kathe with an E


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Lovely Easter outfits for children

Lovely Easter outfits for children


While every blog and website is giving us advice how to decorate our home for Easter or how to set the table perfectly, on our mind there was something different . If the fact is disregarded, that Easter was originally a religious holiday, we can confess, that nowadays it is all about children. Of course, everything what we do – from hanging paper bunnies to seek perfect hiding places for the eggs – we’re doing for them, but there is always more space for another ideas.

We’re sure, every kiddie would be over the moon to be dressed like a bunny all day long or wearing the painted egg on the shirt, so that’s the reason, why we did a ‘research’ on the web and collected the cutest outfits for them.

Sorry in advance, too much cuteness 🙂