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Bon Voyage Travel Bag Set by Disaster Designs

Bon Voyage Travel Bag Set by Disaster Designs

Are we the only one who is feeling the urge for travelling every time when the first hints of spring arrive?

We don’t think so.

As the temperature is rising, it’s the time to plan the runaway weekends or the sightseeing 3-days in Europe’s hidden gems. Let us help you travelling stylish, which is quite easy with this travel set of Disaster Designs. The 3 pieces of handbag, wallet and purse share the similar design, including lovely postcards, maps, stamps, memories from the journey.


The 37 x 26 x12 cm overnight bag has multiple pockets inside, separately for your valuables and mobile phone. With the adjustable strap you can also carry it on your shoulder.


The travel wallet is like a stylish organiser for your documents and card, which you need for the journey.


And at last , but not the least, a small holder for coins and banknotes.



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