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Top Selection of Clocks



”The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.”


…Tick Tock…

karlsson designer clock

‘Freundschaftsuhr Fotouhr’ by Karlsson

bulova clock

Ceremonial Photo Frame 12 1/2 Wide Clock by Bulova

Station Clock

Two Sided Clock

Personalised Treble Clock

Personalised Treble Clef Vintage Music Clock

wheel clock

Bike Sprocket Wheel Clock

Hotel Hayward

Hotel Hayward Retro Clock

John Lewis Clock

Sia Silver Bird Clock by John Lewis

Milk Clock

Newgate Milk Tin Wall Clock

Antique Clock

24” Antique Style Wall Clock

Invotis Clock

Invotis Gear Clock

Lavender Clock

Lavender Clock

Bicycle Clock

Vintage Belldeco Clock



Everything For Steak Lovers

Amazing Wall Stickers to Decorate Your House

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for IPad

Paris Inspired Watch For Her


The 20 Best Fandom T-Shirt Design

The 20 Best Fandom T-Shirt Design

After Game of Thrones record-breaking season premier last Sunday, we devoted our attention to the world of TV series…of course, from the point of design. That’s the way how we ended up with T-Shirt design, but not the usual ‘I love South Park’ way.From the endless quotes and memes, which are circulating on the web, we tried to choose the most thoughtful ones, so we can invite you for a game…

Try to find out which graphic or quote belongs to which series. All comments are welcomed.

Have fun 🙂

All T-Shirts are available around £15-£20 on RedBubble.com and would look like this:



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Modern Residential House Design – A Fine House M

House M Meran6 - Modern Residential Design


The architecture and designer monovolume architecture+design had seamlessly integrated the fine feeling of a modern residential design. The perfect balance of the exterior natural surround not only complements the design inspiration, but it upholds the design trends 2013 and beyond.

Here’s the words from the Designer of this fine house:-

The project M, a residential building in the center of Meran, is embedded in the quit area of Obermais. The concept of the design was it to play with transparent and solid surfaces what fallows fascinating insights and outlooks. The interior melts together with the outside space. The terrain flows through the building and finds his renewal in the pool- and meadow area. Because of a refined external design and the arrangement of the pool, lawn, garden and house the whole concept seems like a unity with seamless transition. The ground floor follows the slightly sloping ground like a staircase to get a large garden area. Because of engineering technology considerations the building is conceived as a compact volume with one underground and two upper floors. From the construction point of view the house is built as a concrete construction, furnished with upgraded insulation. The glass-facade, door and window elements are executed as 3 layered glazier.

 House M Meran - Modern Residential Design House M Meran1 - Modern Residential Design House M Meran3 - Modern Residential Design House M Meran4 - Modern Residential Design
House M Meran9 - Modern Residential Design House M Meran10 - Residential Design House M Meran11 - Residential Design House M Meran12 - Residential Arch House M Meran13 - - Residential Design

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Unique Home Design Images for Inspiration

Unique Home Design by http://www.standsweb.jp/ shows some extraordinary work.

Housing for people living with wife, husband, lover mini sporting corner lot in a residential area situated on the outskirts of emerging Kuwana HOUSE O ~ ~ involving lifestyle. From husband to live with the mini-space, the ingenuity of his wife to enjoy the active life, and look as much as possible from external interruption, such requests were issued to the house cold . For owner, space vehicles, space man, outside space (garden), because the value is the same, we began by reviewing how to divide the house / garage / yard mundane. WEB GALLERY