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Top handmade jewellery

Top Handmade Jewellery

History of handmade jewellery reaches as far as prehistoric times, where stones, shells and other things meant to be worn for decorative or symbolic purposes. With time, thanks to craftmen’s individual touches and materials themselves, jewellery developed stunning quality and importance in our lives. Designs are made to be very personal through the artists creativity, endless imagination and ability to put the customer’s dreams into reality.  Handmade almost replaced by mass production proves its strength and uniqueness both appearing as  individual items or part of clothes, bags, shoes, etc. This week, Design Top Trends Team would like to present to you few examples of these colourful handmade items with short description of the authors.

Soutache Jewellery is crafted by young artist Magdalena Bogielczyk. She uses French Soutache Braids mixed together with various gems and beadstones. Long process of creating each item results in this colouful and unique jewellery which can be found on artist’s page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SoutachebyMagpie . Her designs can be accustomed to individual needs. DTT top choice!

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       Sterling silver, precious stones and freshwater pearls are used by jewellery designer Rachel Lucie. Her work has been recognized nationwide. Inspired by nature and happy childhood memories you can choose from few bespoke collections. http://www.rachellucie.co.uk/

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       The emphasis on colour is a main aim for Joanne Poore in creating jewellery. According to the artist her ‘ imagination wander and pick out little colour stories that weave from one item to another’. She mostly works with variety of raw materials like beads, feathers or glass. http://www.joannepoore.com/handmade-jewellery/Portfolio/portfolio.html

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So why not to reach for an item that can be the only one in the world?