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A Modern Coffee Table Design by Brigada

Modern Coffee Table

A coffee table is not just to place your coffee but could have more creative storage features to it. Brigada the modern coffee table designer presented this coffee table design which has embraced the temporary storage space for magazine, newspapers and stylist shelf for books and stuffs.

Modern Coffee Table - 4

Modern Coffee Table - 5

Modern Coffee Table -1

Modern Coffee Table -2

Modern Coffee Table


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Enignum Canopy Bed

Spending one third of our lives sleeping is a fact. Some may like it, some may not, but imagine what visions may be kept for your dreams  in a bed that is not ordinary at all. Enignum Canopy Bed by Joseph Walsh is like a dream itself.  ‘The concept was to create a space, a cocooned feeling of protection and enclosure. The silk canopy creates a sense of enclosure which can be customized for each season’ . Design is very unique and inspired by nature.  Also the colour and shape brings elegance and relaxing feeling of simplicity, security and harmony – everything what you need for quality sleep. Definitely a top choice for the bedroom.










Unique BookShelf - Teacups

Stacked Teacup Bookshelf

Stacked Teacup Bookshelf

Let’s inspire. Let’s add colours ….. and present this fantastic bookshelf idea for all the bookworms in the world.  Handmade project which is around 4 ft tall can be a perfect place for favourite books of various sizes. The cups are constructed in a way ‘ to have depth by staggering the front face, so one appears to be capped inside the other’. Stacked Teacup Bookshelf  by WoodCurve is available on Etsy.

Unique BookShelf - Teacups2 Unique BookShelf - Teacups1 Unique BookShelf - Teacups


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Modern Residential House Design – A Fine House M

House M Meran6 - Modern Residential Design


The architecture and designer monovolume architecture+design had seamlessly integrated the fine feeling of a modern residential design. The perfect balance of the exterior natural surround not only complements the design inspiration, but it upholds the design trends 2013 and beyond.

Here’s the words from the Designer of this fine house:-

The project M, a residential building in the center of Meran, is embedded in the quit area of Obermais. The concept of the design was it to play with transparent and solid surfaces what fallows fascinating insights and outlooks. The interior melts together with the outside space. The terrain flows through the building and finds his renewal in the pool- and meadow area. Because of a refined external design and the arrangement of the pool, lawn, garden and house the whole concept seems like a unity with seamless transition. The ground floor follows the slightly sloping ground like a staircase to get a large garden area. Because of engineering technology considerations the building is conceived as a compact volume with one underground and two upper floors. From the construction point of view the house is built as a concrete construction, furnished with upgraded insulation. The glass-facade, door and window elements are executed as 3 layered glazier.

 House M Meran - Modern Residential Design House M Meran1 - Modern Residential Design House M Meran3 - Modern Residential Design House M Meran4 - Modern Residential Design
House M Meran9 - Modern Residential Design House M Meran10 - Residential Design House M Meran11 - Residential Design House M Meran12 - Residential Arch House M Meran13 - - Residential Design

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Ensuite Interior Living Spaces by VoK Design Group

VoK Design Group’s design sense takes inspiration from multiple sources and cultures around the world. Designs by VoK Design Group is inspired particularly of mordernism developed in the early 20th century.

The philosophical idea behind VoK’s clean, simple and unique interior designs is that it embraces “Less is more”. This practice and concept can truly be pictured in their work.

Don’t you think so?

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