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Picnic gear on your bike: Springtime by bloondesign

If you haven’t noticed that it’s officially Summer now, don’t blame yourself. Although The God of Weather is apparently kidding with us, so far there were a couple days when he left hints of the sparkling sunshine. And what everybody does when the temperature reaches 20 degree? Go and conquer The Green in every possible form: take a stroll on countryside meadow, have a cycle tour at the river coast or organize a picnic in the city park.

Jeriel Bobbe must have been the same idea on his mind, as he designed Springtime, but with a small twist: he wanted to combine a bicycle with a picnic kit. Have a look at the pictures below and see how brilliantly his idea succeed.


The masterpiece by bloondesign can be identified as a 3-in-1 picnic gear: a portable box will all the necessary equipments (cutleries, cups and plates), which can be transfered to a mini table and chair as well.


At first Springtime looks like all the other, conventional coolers, which everybody has at home, but if we had a chance to have a closer look, slowly-slowly we can ‘unwrap’ the interior elements.




Springtime now is ready for public purchase, sales will start this Summer for appr. $399.




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