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For Your Valentine: 15 Designer Engagement Rings

15 Designer Engagement Rings – For Your Valentine

Buying an engagement ring is a big moment that involves both emotions and money. If everything goes well, this tiny purchase will symbolize the importance of the relationship and life together.

There are many factors that should be considered before choosing the right ring. The most important is to know if the future wife will like it. There are few ways to check – from insight into her existing jewellery box, through innocent indirect questions or simply by asking her in the jewellery store. Then, there is practical matter of deciding which material, stone type, design or colour to choose. ¬†Design Top Trends Team made a selection of 15 Designer Engagement Rings we think that every future bride would appreciate. Enjoy. And choose wisely ūüôā

The two unique designs guarantee elegance. Special composition of white gold or yellow gold, pearl and two small diamonds surely will make the right engagement ring choice. Available at W.Kruk , Polish jewellery leader since 1840.

pearl engagement ringpearl engagement ring_2

‘Diamonds are girl’s best friend’. We agree. And with this example size matters too. Have a look at The Forever Diamond¬†collection ¬†exclusively designed for H.Samuel.¬†Engagement ring¬†¬†‘has a unique flower cut made up of 73 facets, the result is exceptional sparkle and radiance’.

DIAMOND e n g a g a g e m e n t - RING

True Love has a colour and name’ . Cartier’s Ballerine Solitaire offers delicate ring design made of platinum with diamonds.

Solitaire engagement ring

Made to order Morganite Jewellery. ‘Morganite is a soft pink to peach color, and is in the same gem family as Emerald and Aquamarine. This gem was originally discovered by Tiffany gemologist, James Kunz, and named for his friend, American banker and collector J.P. Morgan. Available at RareEarth custom jewellery.

Fine Engagement Ring

Round solitaire engagement ring by Tiffany is a classic design with diamond held by six prongs on a platinum band.


‘One diamond for the past, one for the present, and one quarter carat diamond representing your future together, all beautifully bezel set in this lovely offset engagement ring design’. Bespoke Yellow Gold Trilogy engagement ring brings freshness and interesting idea. Also available in white gold.

Yellow Gold Triology engagement ring

The classic version of delicate engagement ring from Apart. White gold with diamonds inside.

Apart engagement ring

The design from Apart  with interesting mix of white and yellow gold with diamond.


Unique Engagement Ring

Beautifully crafted engagement ring from Infinite Italian Design with 7 diamonds in the centre and 2 on the side. Solid, ethereal and graceful.

Italian Design Engagement Ring -

A ring with the special Eternel diamond has got very unique method of cutting. It shines very bright. From YES.

15 Engagement Rings Design 2013

Adore by Mark Schneider Design is not one of low-key ones. As the latin name origin means ‘speak and pray’, we believe, the sparkling diamond in the middle, framed by flowers and leaves,¬†will tell everything instead of you.

Adore Ring Design - Engagement Ring

Surely doesn’t exist better combination of old and new than this Edwardian beauty by Fourtan√©.¬†The make is original turn of the century craftsmanship, while the 1.00 carat sapphire is definitely something recent. It feels like Elizabeth’s ring from Pride and Prejudice.

Edwardian - Traditional Engagement Ring

Marriage is based on heart, so why not an engagement ring does so? The perfect example is this Amethyst ring by Star K.

Heart Shaped Diamond - Lovnik

Another masterpiece from Mark Schneider Design, but with an absolute contemporary look. The greatest thing about ‘Blissful’ , that the unique form emphasizes the stone just the way it is, without any unnecessary decoration. For a minimal design-lover bride.

Blissful -FInd

Entwine by Parlé reminds us of a royal wedding. There is something majestic about the 14K yellow gold ring, combined with one fascinating oval Ruby and many-many tiny diamonds.

Engagement Rings Design

Gentlemen, 14th of February is almost here…There is still time to act and make the best decision of your life.

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