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‘Ok, glass, record a video’ : The world through Google Glass

‘Ok, glass, record a video’ : The world through Google Glass


We hope everybody has heard about one of the TOP product concepts of 2012, Project Glass by Google. If not, it’s time to be familiarized with the idea of a ‘smart glass’, which is expected to be a smash hit for the end of this year.




Google seems to be in the final phase of developing a brand new, augmented reality-based glass, which is thought to add as much interaction as we can to the reality, which we see through the glass.

To be more specific, just imagine, walking down Baker street in London while wearing the glass, which would be able to show you astounding information about Sherlock Holmes, than taking a picture of 221B without using your hands and uploading to Facebook at the same time. And yes, that’s the whole point…the way how we can command the device is revolutionary. Shake your head to refuse a call or instruct the Glass with words to record a video, starting with the magic ones, ‘Ok, glass…’

Or do like this:


Or be informed like that:

google-glass-bridge information

According to a video, recently released by Google, it’s not just the content, why we’re going to love this product. Although the current design is not the final one (the company is in talk with an online glass store, Warby Parker to improve the look), it can already be declared, that the slimmer frame with a hardly noticeable, built-in camera follows the lead of a stylish eyewear.

Actually, the whole idea is something, we can’t describe with words, so ladies and gentlemen….‘How it feels’

Google Glass will be available at the end of 2013 under $1500.