[ The Origins ] Handmade Shoe Design by Society27

This is the probably the rares hand made sneakers on the planet.

+ ONLY 27 people on the planet will be able to own a pair
+ Hand Made to Customer size sneaker deigned by Valistika Studio Barcelona
+ Hand made
+ Brown Leather
+ Leather lining + Leather laces
+ Bag for the Right and the Left shoe
+ Handmade wooden packaging box designed by Archabits Studio with front panel illustration by Valistika Studio Barcelona


Society27- Valistika- Shoes-blue-HandMade

Society27-Handmade- Valistika- Shoes Box

Society27 Rare Handmade Design Shoe

Society27 Shoe Creation

Society27 brown handmade shoe

Society27- Valistika- Shoes

Society27 Shoe Design-1

Society27 Shoe Handmade Designer

Society27 Shoe Unique pairSociety27- The Origins shoe-tshirt

Society27- The Origins Design

Society27 Shoe Design



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