Best Kindle covers this year

Best Kindle covers this year

Going on in ‘summary spirit’ with holiday features, we’re proud to present our next core area, which is the fascinating world of concept design. Among ideas, which only appear on blueprints, or products, which have already been realized, options to choose and share in this category are endless.

As Kindle-mania hasn’t decreased  in 2012 (on the contrary!),we picked our favorite e-reader to help us to prove our point with design. It doesn’t matter, if you had Kindle for centuries or just joined the team this Christmas,  it’s time to stand out from the mass and personalize it with a unique, extra special cover.

The creative (and truly amazing) skins from Decalgirl are made of premium automotive-grade cast vinyl, which don’t just look good, but protect your device as well. The thin covers fit precisely, easy to stick them on Kindle or remove later on, without any special tools or expertise.

Let’s see the best ones!


The mysterious library or the crazy owl design?


Kindle library cover


Kindle owl cover


Kindle Paperwhite:

The cheerful spring or the funny frog design?


Kindle flower cover




Kindle Fire:

The sky-high booktree or the ‘Hello London’ design?


Kindle book tree cover


Kindle London cover


Kindle Fire HD:

The zombie-addict or the artistic painting design?


Kindle zombie cover


Kindle painting cover


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