Top Colourful Furniture Ideas

We all love to be surrounded by colours. Especially when it is proved they can influence our mood 🙂 As it comes to the interiors we usually are trying to lighten up our space by adding colourful accessories. Furniture designers  are like the artists, very prolific with original  ideas. But when it comes to adding lot of colours we do not mean that the brightest shades have to fill every corner at home. Sometimes it is just a simple sofa, chair or table that could brighten up the place and add the spice to the neutral background. But the options are open though as playing with colours can be limitless. Just imagine…..

Design Top Trends would like to present some of The Top Colourful Furniture Ideas for your inspiration.

Squint Limited  is ‘a unique, independent design company which produces and retails premium quality, bespoke, hand-crafted exuberant furniture and home accessories.’ Just look at the original ideas and amazing colours to fall in love from the first sight in those amazing furnitures.



All the furniture from Kare Design is handmade. The company mixes bright colours with folk and oriental touches.


 Seletti presents very original ideas for furniture. Just have a look at this wonderful colourful chest of drawers. A perfect addition to the bedroom.


Harvey Jones‘s ‘Linear is a premium-quality, handmade range of modern kitchen furniture with a contemporary aesthetic. It shares the quality construction methods that have made Harvey Jones famous, including all the benefits of framed construction, but has sleek modern doors and concealed hinges for a clean, minimalist look’.


Now its time for us to be the artists and try to add some rainbow in our homes.



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